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  1. Meme boy 64

    Meme boy 64

    2 uur geleden

    JJ's screen sharing still has "Activate Windows" in the bottom left of the screen🤣

  2. KannyPlays


    17 uur geleden

    1 year later I just realized the mistake in the title lol😂😂

  3. Luca Giannini RBLX

    Luca Giannini RBLX

    Dag geleden

    It's accidentally named TRY NOT LAUGH

  4. Tim Tayntor

    Tim Tayntor

    Dag geleden

    Because I act like this 4:00, I’ll never get the chance to be like the guy in the video after 😂



    Dag geleden

    The song was actually rod waves heart on ice

  6. Harry Newey

    Harry Newey

    Dag geleden

    3:41 the chainsaw started up

  7. eivil H

    eivil H

    Dag geleden

    If people sprinted instead of walking we won't have to do cardio anymore

  8. Prabodh Bharose

    Prabodh Bharose

    Dag geleden


  9. BereT-CS


    2 dagen geleden

    the thumbnail left me dying 😂😂😂

  10. Odem 18.1

    Odem 18.1

    2 dagen geleden

    There is a victim who died and the cause of death was jj's try not to laugh video (jj's laugh)

  11. MyChemRomanceLover X

    MyChemRomanceLover X

    3 dagen geleden

    10:23 best meme 😆

  12. Icarus_


    3 dagen geleden

    10:38 best bit



    3 dagen geleden

    yes 7 times

  14. chinmay jaitmahal

    chinmay jaitmahal

    3 dagen geleden

    Ksi please give subtitles 👍

  15. Ozan Aydın

    Ozan Aydın

    3 dagen geleden

    GreenBonerGuy said "wait let me fix it" What a Chad

  16. UnknownQuestions


    3 dagen geleden

    You can never ever trust an editted comment

  17. Ronit Rajpal

    Ronit Rajpal

    3 dagen geleden

    5:29 Daniel LaBelle

  18. Julito Luigi M. Soriano III

    Julito Luigi M. Soriano III

    4 dagen geleden

    Is it just me or did anyone else see the activate windows thing?

  19. Tyla Vermaak

    Tyla Vermaak

    4 dagen geleden


  20. RaYz


    4 dagen geleden

    4:20 that to sus why she touching It tho

  21. Penny Graham

    Penny Graham

    4 dagen geleden

    I love the title *TRY NOT LAUGH* Where's the to??? lmao

  22. ItsaMeMxGamer


    5 dagen geleden

    JJ forgot to put TO in the title

  23. Cooper Tupling

    Cooper Tupling

    6 dagen geleden

    pov: you’ve rewatched all his vids bc he doesn’t post daily anymore and this is the most entertaining thing to watch

  24. myth.alokk88


    6 dagen geleden

    4:15 who is this girl? Does anyone know?

  25. esooG ɐtsƃnɐ⅁

    esooG ɐtsƃnɐ⅁

    6 dagen geleden

    3:07 pause at the right time and she’ll look Asian

  26. KevinDevil20


    7 dagen geleden

    We all can agree that JJ's laugh makes us laugh

  27. TornadoChaser72


    7 dagen geleden

    1:46 that reminds me of a story from when I was younger. My sister wanted me to cut her barbies hair like miles cyrus’ hair. I cut it almost bald, although she wanted the miles Cyrus with the long hair😂

  28. JustShalzy


    7 dagen geleden

    at 3:39 i was drinking a juice and i spitted it all over 🔥

  29. chrislynn yee

    chrislynn yee

    7 dagen geleden

    in 9:15 no one is not gonna laugh there XD

  30. SSG SAVY ♪

    SSG SAVY ♪

    8 dagen geleden

    6:30 ROD WAVE heart on ice

  31. Aditya Ramlal

    Aditya Ramlal

    8 dagen geleden

    The best thing about KSI videos is that yt doesnt demonitize it

  32. Iliyan Sohani

    Iliyan Sohani

    8 dagen geleden

    Man growled like a cat

  33. Niozy


    8 dagen geleden

    5:05 cnaurrr

  34. Zachali


    9 dagen geleden


  35. LOCO C LOS


    9 dagen geleden

    I failed at 0:52

  36. Penny Bennett

    Penny Bennett

    9 dagen geleden

    Crisp bids. C U Y

  37. Sch 14

    Sch 14

    9 dagen geleden

    Ghrrrrrour I'll take $500

  38. Editing Papi😉

    Editing Papi😉

    9 dagen geleden

    8:20 sit down Lord Farquaad, looks like you ate all the gum drop buttons😬

  39. Sparter 47

    Sparter 47

    10 dagen geleden

    i need the song's name at 7:40

  40. Life of SIM

    Life of SIM

    10 dagen geleden

    Did he know this was a try not to laugh?

  41. LeviathanGR


    10 dagen geleden

    8:07 yes my child is playing fortnite, how an you tell?

  42. stfu lol

    stfu lol

    10 dagen geleden

    u look like. bird hrkp

  43. CLN32 SOLIS, Emmanuel Javier A.

    CLN32 SOLIS, Emmanuel Javier A.

    11 dagen geleden

    Anyone realize the title typo? lol

  44. oKenjiu


    11 dagen geleden

    Try not to laugh, no, try not laugh

  45. Asian Noodle

    Asian Noodle

    12 dagen geleden

    I watch cause your laugh makes it worse😂😂💀 so I die as well

  46. Lonely Banana

    Lonely Banana

    12 dagen geleden

    Im very lonely

  47. Srihari G

    Srihari G

    12 dagen geleden

    Was having a bad day, you made it better. Thanks! :)

  48. anime_girl


    13 dagen geleden


  49. simmi Official

    simmi Official

    13 dagen geleden

    That third one 😂 the mother was like shut up you never speak like this

  50. Kim Sohyeon

    Kim Sohyeon

    13 dagen geleden

    6:34 So cringy I can't

  51. Kim Sohyeon

    Kim Sohyeon

    13 dagen geleden

    4:10 OMG NO NOOOOI😂😂😂😂😂

  52. Codfish Creations

    Codfish Creations

    14 dagen geleden

    10:24 your welcome guys👍

  53. Alexsander Solomon

    Alexsander Solomon

    14 dagen geleden


  54. Daniel Tisell

    Daniel Tisell

    15 dagen geleden

    This is the best try not to laugh i love these videos

  55. zack k

    zack k

    15 dagen geleden

    what happened to try not to laugh?

  56. FireBoy


    15 dagen geleden

    Activate your windows, bro

  57. B 37 Subham Das

    B 37 Subham Das

    15 dagen geleden

    Jj laughing his a** of Meanwhile me : eat five star do nothing 😂

    • Sujata Panda

      Sujata Panda

      15 dagen geleden

      Hue hue bro Mama email 🤭

  58. Manas Dutta

    Manas Dutta

    16 dagen geleden

    The fatneek jokes never die

  59. Your GUYfriend

    Your GUYfriend

    16 dagen geleden

    Who even comes to this channel to hold their laugh😂😂

  60. Yoosuf Yalaan

    Yoosuf Yalaan

    16 dagen geleden

    That last clip tho- Fire!!!🔥🔥

  61. Whapp


    16 dagen geleden

    Dont laugh challenge Duda LITREALLY LAUGHING IN EVERY CLIP PUBLIC:I am a joke to u

  62. Mr.Goodman


    17 dagen geleden

    0:51 bruh how’d thor get so little?

  63. Thanesh Mageswaran

    Thanesh Mageswaran

    17 dagen geleden

    Doing try not laugh but always laughing 🤣🤣😅

  64. Ellis Elgar

    Ellis Elgar

    17 dagen geleden

    I was in the middle of watching dragon ball z

  65. Jason Setiawan

    Jason Setiawan

    17 dagen geleden

    4:14 who is she?

  66. Zoey


    17 dagen geleden

    The clip with the green suit was staged, they pulled this prank on multiple models on that photo shooting

  67. MUHAMMAD REAHMOOZ Gulshan-e-Iqbal Campus

    MUHAMMAD REAHMOOZ Gulshan-e-Iqbal Campus

    17 dagen geleden


  68. SwiftNotGMD


    17 dagen geleden

    nobody gon talk about how jj doesnt have windows activated love the content btw

  69. Chantre


    17 dagen geleden

    The first time I'm not laughing at JJ's (try not laugh challenge) 😄 I did smile thou , but that doesn't count 😁

  70. Shansj Sj

    Shansj Sj

    17 dagen geleden

    5:06 can someone spell that cause all i can think of is qrrow

  71. Club video

    Club video

    18 dagen geleden

    4:09 oh my god

  72. Bill Gates

    Bill Gates

    18 dagen geleden

    4:14 I'm happy for him that they laughed on it and the girl looked happy, but that must have been so embarrassing

    • Bill Gates

      Bill Gates

      4 dagen geleden

      @myth.alokk88 no who?

    • myth.alokk88


      6 dagen geleden

      Hey bruh do u know who she is

  73. Adel Milad

    Adel Milad

    18 dagen geleden

    10:00 dose anyone remember when jj took skydosemincrafts wife and kid for a distrack id say ew at him



    18 dagen geleden

    Kid: 40 year in a 10 year old JJ: 10 year old till he dies 😂

  75. claren chrisliliu30

    claren chrisliliu30

    18 dagen geleden


  76. naga sayeenathan

    naga sayeenathan

    18 dagen geleden

    more than 60% of times i laughed is when ksi laughed and i got scared and started laughing

  77. Deadjr24


    18 dagen geleden

    0:51mini Thor trying to skate

  78. Crazy


    19 dagen geleden

    I didn't laugh 😐

  79. your daily wholesome frog

    your daily wholesome frog

    19 dagen geleden

    10:23 that mightve happend to me because when my dad gave me his phone i got some messages from these girls wearing..well u know i didnt understand but its still a theory.

  80. Ash A

    Ash A

    19 dagen geleden

    Link to prove that KSI is smart

  81. Crazy Anugraha FF

    Crazy Anugraha FF

    19 dagen geleden

    that barber or his dad be like okay i gotch you, her's your haircut

  82. Ash Greninja [HD]

    Ash Greninja [HD]

    19 dagen geleden

    You know it's mad funny when KSI starts coughing

  83. TkSharma


    19 dagen geleden

    congo on 14 million ayy

  84. This a Gangsta Party

    This a Gangsta Party

    19 dagen geleden


  85. Olivia Tomlinson

    Olivia Tomlinson

    19 dagen geleden

    ik im like super late but yes i laugh-

  86. Wayne Maclean

    Wayne Maclean

    19 dagen geleden

    JJ knows who breaking Benjamin are I'm amazed and impressed haha

  87. Susy spring

    Susy spring

    19 dagen geleden

    I can spell what he sayed t i g e r s o u n d

  88. Shadow


    20 dagen geleden

    These videos wouldn't get me, it's his contagious LAUGH!

  89. ZvLS TeraByte

    ZvLS TeraByte

    20 dagen geleden

    "Teeheeheehee" JJ-2021

  90. Ms.MarySimp


    20 dagen geleden

    8:29 "ahahahahaAAAAahahahaha"

  91. COFIRE 115

    COFIRE 115

    20 dagen geleden

    i just hearr a laugh

  92. yaboi bb

    yaboi bb

    20 dagen geleden

    bearus is coming back someone call bulma



    20 dagen geleden

    JJ intro be like -Yo what jjsjdudndksk gdbt

  94. Deisy Cruz

    Deisy Cruz

    20 dagen geleden

    I like the way how he is sow invested 9:13 and the he gets disappointed 😂

  95. Abdullah BG

    Abdullah BG

    21 dag geleden

    Should've been 1 on Trending :p

  96. NotNico


    21 dag geleden

    Try not to laugh or try to laugh at all of the videos

  97. Chris Tyro

    Chris Tyro

    21 dag geleden

    5:11 gimme my money😂😂

  98. abdu


    21 dag geleden


  99. Nathnael Birhanu

    Nathnael Birhanu

    21 dag geleden

    Yeah i dead by laughing

  100. Ytgod


    22 dagen geleden

    Yo I can do that