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  1. Takeshi Tokio

    Takeshi Tokio

    4 uur geleden

    Well. It didn’t come home.

  2. filippo paganelli

    filippo paganelli

    5 uur geleden


  3. Zavion Adams

    Zavion Adams

    Dag geleden




    Dag geleden

    4:31 JJ: "Wrong" Sidemen:"Extreme fishing vs Logan Paul"

  5. Jack Chilton

    Jack Chilton

    Dag geleden

    The intro of this vid did not age well

  6. Brayden Burnham

    Brayden Burnham

    2 dagen geleden

    First video of actually watchin ksi and I was like wait I remembered they don’t have football they got soccer 😂

  7. I love YouTube

    I love YouTube

    2 dagen geleden

    Well this didn’t age well

  8. J Logan

    J Logan

    2 dagen geleden


  9. Scribby


    2 dagen geleden

    7:17 KSI's top ten laughs.

  10. GOLDIE 70

    GOLDIE 70

    2 dagen geleden

    That intro didn’t age well

  11. Bastiaan Meester

    Bastiaan Meester

    2 dagen geleden


  12. Phosatieux


    2 dagen geleden

    4:25 Guy got two things right damnn

  13. Phoenix Piano

    Phoenix Piano

    3 dagen geleden

    KSI: I don’t care who we face Italy: are you sure about that

  14. Josh


    3 dagen geleden

    So he lied about the Logan vid on Sunday 18th😂

  15. Gledis Vucaj

    Gledis Vucaj

    3 dagen geleden


  16. H1gh_Five


    3 dagen geleden

    “I dont care who we face! Denmark, Italy, spain we’re slapping all of them fam” -jj 2021

  17. H1gh_Five


    3 dagen geleden

    “Its coming home” -jj 2021

  18. 和江xeillc


    3 dagen geleden

    "Coming home" ⚰unlucky

  19. Sander Krogh Abrahamsen

    Sander Krogh Abrahamsen

    3 dagen geleden

    I hate Englands fans they put lazer in smeichels face

  20. Indiungamess


    3 dagen geleden

    Wen JJ Laughing im laughing to

  21. Arshia AAcool

    Arshia AAcool

    3 dagen geleden

    The pain

  22. Arron Bayley

    Arron Bayley

    3 dagen geleden

    I’m watching like 2 weeks and counting after the game and don’t believe the intro for a second JJ 🤣🤣 we did play really well though



    4 dagen geleden

    Lol just realized he said that Logan wasn’t gonna be in sidemen Sunday but…

  24. Thegamingbemo


    4 dagen geleden


  25. Ombenktنوفل البركاني

    Ombenktنوفل البركاني

    4 dagen geleden

    Wel actually the prediction of Logan Paul on sidemen Sunday was correct

  26. HellBy


    4 dagen geleden

    Well, that aged well 🇮🇹

  27. Aadi Shirodkar

    Aadi Shirodkar

    4 dagen geleden

    4:55 turns out he was cappin

  28. Litenbadboll


    4 dagen geleden

    I missed this video, the intro hasnt aged well.

  29. Pixl_r44


    4 dagen geleden

    4:26 who’s here when the 18th was Logan Paul on sidemen sunday

  30. CinderBlock 56

    CinderBlock 56

    4 dagen geleden

    Bhul was right on the 16th and the 18th

  31. Emmanuel Nyarko

    Emmanuel Nyarko

    4 dagen geleden

    Coming back from his latest Reddit vid to see how gassed he was about it makes me kinda upset uno

    • Emmanuel Nyarko

      Emmanuel Nyarko

      4 dagen geleden

      @Bruh Moment Yh 100 he just looked really upset in that latest vid that’s all.

    • Bruh Moment

      Bruh Moment

      4 dagen geleden

      Yeah but without us he wouldn’t be humble lol, we keep the balance to his ego XD

  32. Joseph Kalaw

    Joseph Kalaw

    5 dagen geleden

    So the new sidemen sunday is up and I see logan paul

  33. Irisharcade


    5 dagen geleden

    Me watching this after the racist English and us losing the final 😭

  34. Leo Ahmed

    Leo Ahmed

    5 dagen geleden

    Guess the 18th wasn’t wrong now then???

  35. Terrance Tran

    Terrance Tran

    5 dagen geleden

    4:25 he was correct about Logan Paul we demand justice 😤😤

  36. Matt Fuller

    Matt Fuller

    5 dagen geleden

    4:32 Well that was a lie lol

  37. Thoric Acidity

    Thoric Acidity

    5 dagen geleden

    Whos here now that the guy was right about logan paul being in the sidemen sunday video?

  38. Zain1279


    5 dagen geleden

    4:31 well that was a lie

  39. SG55


    5 dagen geleden

    4:20 HE WAS RIGHT

  40. Stoopid FoLife

    Stoopid FoLife

    5 dagen geleden

    4:36 here after Logan pauls in a sidemen Sunday..

  41. Ahmed Osman

    Ahmed Osman

    5 dagen geleden

    4:20 he got it right for the 18th

  42. Jayden


    5 dagen geleden

    i am proud to say i have watched all your reddit videos.

  43. AM Timer

    AM Timer

    5 dagen geleden

    4:20 jj just said 18 th is a lie and right now as we have the sidemen sunday video right infront of us its obvious who is real the lier

  44. Henry


    5 dagen geleden

    its coming rome 😂😂😂😂

  45. youssof shaban

    youssof shaban

    5 dagen geleden

    My dad just kicked me out of the room because of how loud jj was laughing 😐

  46. strxbe


    5 dagen geleden

    This guy is Itoshi Sae 😭😭😭

  47. Borys Pakholok

    Borys Pakholok

    5 dagen geleden

    7:52 who’s that in the picture on the stand

    • the goofy kiddo

      the goofy kiddo

      5 dagen geleden

      hmm im not too sure coz i don't live in the UK but i think its Lorraine, as i said im not certain about that coz I don't know where u are talking about. i also heard he was on that show so makes sense why he has her pic but tbh I'm not sure

    • Adeeb Sulimany

      Adeeb Sulimany

      5 dagen geleden

      Your mom

  48. Joseph Turtoro

    Joseph Turtoro

    6 dagen geleden

    who here after the finals

    • KThunder


      5 dagen geleden

      Well, no one can be here before the finals

  49. Jonathan Ryan

    Jonathan Ryan

    6 dagen geleden

    To be fair the other recent songs you done are trash bro.. but this one... my maaan! Noice!

  50. Sal


    6 dagen geleden

    me watching this after the cup ended XDXDXD im a fan from italy

  51. adrian blade

    adrian blade

    6 dagen geleden

    14:15 looks like a tarantula in a bird nest

  52. commentary with jimi

    commentary with jimi

    6 dagen geleden

    It came Rome

  53. WillUS


    6 dagen geleden

    His intro in this video didn’t age quite so well

  54. Filming Australia

    Filming Australia

    6 dagen geleden

    JJ you o me 1m subs one person will stream it.

  55. yøung kirt

    yøung kirt

    6 dagen geleden

    Love ya brudda

  56. spiko 1337

    spiko 1337

    6 dagen geleden


  57. Mr. toz

    Mr. toz

    7 dagen geleden

    Wait he actually PLATINUM normally 😳

  58. Hazem Gaber

    Hazem Gaber

    7 dagen geleden

    im sorry but it already went rome

  59. Dark Wolf

    Dark Wolf

    7 dagen geleden

    Hell yes let's go.

  60. Mohamme Bajnaid

    Mohamme Bajnaid

    7 dagen geleden

    If behz gets his gf pregnant he will be gone like his dad

  61. Mihai Bira

    Mihai Bira

    7 dagen geleden

    What herry?

  62. Shadow Master94

    Shadow Master94

    7 dagen geleden

    How the fuck does Olivia rodrigo have 60 mill listeners but Ksi only 8 mill don’t make no scenes he has better music

  63. ItzSlyx


    7 dagen geleden

    4:19 JJ: these 3 days are gonna blow up the internet Mohammed: “lemme introduce myself”

  64. Otu Sebbie

    Otu Sebbie

    7 dagen geleden

    the side eye

  65. Malte Smedberg

    Malte Smedberg

    7 dagen geleden

    When they say its coming home but it instead going to rome ( Master ogay )

  66. Lachance Maxime

    Lachance Maxime

    7 dagen geleden

    Imagine having 0.1 of a follower and 2 others

  67. DRISO


    7 dagen geleden


  68. Francisco Gomes

    Francisco Gomes

    7 dagen geleden

    Update, it actually went to Rome

  69. Falling-Eclipse


    7 dagen geleden

    JJ that song was fire! Every song is a banger

  70. Legend!!


    7 dagen geleden

    Sad......Italy shit on England

  71. 4lfm__


    7 dagen geleden

    it went rome sadly

  72. esaiah hartorp

    esaiah hartorp

    8 dagen geleden

    Italy x)

  73. Nahsar Yenkalb

    Nahsar Yenkalb

    8 dagen geleden

    I just subscribed from the states love your channel dude keep it up

  74. Patrick Jan

    Patrick Jan

    8 dagen geleden

    If people made a drinking game with the rule that says ''Every time Ricegum says bro take a shot'' then people would die from drinking.

  75. graceamysings xx

    graceamysings xx

    8 dagen geleden

    When he didn't know whether to laugh or not at the Stephen Hawking post 😭✋🏻

  76. Jordan


    8 dagen geleden


  77. Joshua Jackson

    Joshua Jackson

    8 dagen geleden

    KSI'' It's coming home'' Italy: ''Your having a laugh''

  78. shaun christ

    shaun christ

    8 dagen geleden

    im to rich and famous for this lol

  79. Dinosaur Bread

    Dinosaur Bread

    8 dagen geleden

    He cannot stop laughing I love it lol i laugh

  80. VALOR


    8 dagen geleden

    I love watching this after the finals

  81. 7ThChambers


    8 dagen geleden


  82. Viano Kyrec

    Viano Kyrec

    8 dagen geleden

    0:15 yeah idk about italy😬

  83. Nasra Mohamed

    Nasra Mohamed

    8 dagen geleden


  84. Frank Largo

    Frank Largo

    8 dagen geleden

    England lost HAHA

  85. da Trashbot

    da Trashbot

    8 dagen geleden

    Man I remember that thumbnail

  86. Free Fall

    Free Fall

    8 dagen geleden

    It's coming home.. This aged well 🤣🤣

  87. Jakze


    8 dagen geleden

    This did not age well

  88. Hadi


    8 dagen geleden

    Ksi: pls delete

  89. xPlicit


    8 dagen geleden

    watching this after 1 week the intro is so cringe

  90. Nelson Oke

    Nelson Oke

    8 dagen geleden

    Didn't age well

  91. J Madrid

    J Madrid

    9 dagen geleden

    7:45 bro haha

  92. Ivan Tigú

    Ivan Tigú

    9 dagen geleden

    i love you ksi, your stuid as I am hahskajhsdkf

  93. STW-Demon


    9 dagen geleden

    I have one thing to say to u if u watch the music vid. Me: SIMP

  94. Jxde


    9 dagen geleden

    the amount of times ricegum said bro 💀

  95. Liam Scott

    Liam Scott

    9 dagen geleden

    the intro didn't age well

  96. รยкยภค


    9 dagen geleden


  97. Evangeline Dol

    Evangeline Dol

    9 dagen geleden

    where is the ksi show located

  98. A-CARS TV


    9 dagen geleden

    JJ : it's coming home Italy : hold my buhhhu oh wahheer

  99. Rico1719


    9 dagen geleden

    5:10 what... about... p o r n h u b ?

  100. Yo Yo

    Yo Yo

    9 dagen geleden

    Yes is coming home🤡