What Would You Do To Her In 24 Hours? (Try Not To Laugh)

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  1. Jack Flop

    Jack Flop

    51 minuut geleden

    3:09 is literally kickin' my ass so hard I can hardly breathe right now!! The angry guy sounds and acts like an extremely pissed off Gordon Ramsey!!

  2. Jaden Milton

    Jaden Milton

    4 uur geleden

    someone please the video of the song what is the video called i know the song but i loved the duo

  3. The Fidget Spinners

    The Fidget Spinners

    17 uur geleden

    Its more like try not to laugh at JJ's own laugh

  4. Rajratna Varma

    Rajratna Varma

    17 uur geleden

    10:15 never heard a woman say pussio fam

  5. RevFiveZ


    19 uur geleden

    JJ is the only person who can make me laugh at something that is not funny Yes I was joking If you see this wow congrats...... Holy crap you here too wow KSI a FATNEEK I wonder is anyone going to see this Why you still here leave my dude or dudette Seriously go do something productive wear your pants and do something productive Why you here my G leave it a long conversation ending with this You must be thinking that it and I said Yeap

  6. Mills Cates

    Mills Cates

    Dag geleden

    The gay people just ruined the song

  7. Hannah Birdsong

    Hannah Birdsong

    Dag geleden

    I LOVE holiday!!!!!!! Great song man

  8. Rohan Radzak

    Rohan Radzak

    Dag geleden

    3:12 i laughed so hard i vomited

  9. Vishwas


    Dag geleden


  10. Jeremiah Rodriguez

    Jeremiah Rodriguez

    Dag geleden

    I remembered the old xbox 360 partys.i missed that so much

  11. U tone

    U tone

    Dag geleden

    I never had a xbox 360 mic and i still don’t sad😢

  12. sn12


    2 dagen geleden

    i lost it at the last one omg!!! this is why i love tik tok it's just random ppl doing the funniest shit!

  13. hartaz ghuman

    hartaz ghuman

    2 dagen geleden


  14. Jeaun-Thimo Petzoldt

    Jeaun-Thimo Petzoldt

    2 dagen geleden

    14:25 that really got me laughing!

  15. itsGvido


    2 dagen geleden

    JJ: Releases banana and strawberry flavoured g fuel Also JJ: Is visibly scared of banana's

  16. Thomas


    2 dagen geleden

    What was that intro bro what the hell🤨

  17. mega stryke Gameplay

    mega stryke Gameplay

    2 dagen geleden

    Banana is nice, like em

  18. mega stryke Gameplay

    mega stryke Gameplay

    2 dagen geleden

    I would not do shit, if she is as strong as she is shredded, then me, merely 70kg lifter boy would not do crap to her

  19. Gabriele Di Vito

    Gabriele Di Vito

    2 dagen geleden


  20. Swedgrek 3

    Swedgrek 3

    2 dagen geleden


  21. Park_er


    2 dagen geleden

    The way he focuses on the banana



    2 dagen geleden

    Jj where do you get the vids from

  23. Yah Panda

    Yah Panda

    3 dagen geleden

    Me watching the intro:ayo wtf???

  24. leart krasniqi

    leart krasniqi

    3 dagen geleden

    Can someone explain to me the video you are the salt to my peper , because i didn’t understand it😔😔😔😔

  25. Nino Kunsek

    Nino Kunsek

    3 dagen geleden

    That song kinda gay

  26. Crown Jr

    Crown Jr

    3 dagen geleden

    That why England lost bc yall never backed the poor guy up

  27. Ryden Albrecht

    Ryden Albrecht

    3 dagen geleden

    I still have a 360 and I'm 14 but it's way more mellow

  28. Rocco Malnati

    Rocco Malnati

    3 dagen geleden

    Ah yes danny G

  29. Fresh AMirO

    Fresh AMirO

    3 dagen geleden

    10:52 till end is funny as

  30. Tyler Pedemonti

    Tyler Pedemonti

    4 dagen geleden

    11:59anyone else see the KSI in the comments? 🤣 shit got me dead

  31. Yah Panda

    Yah Panda

    4 dagen geleden

    Inside who😏😏😏

  32. Mvelo Khanyile

    Mvelo Khanyile

    4 dagen geleden

    Am i the only one who jumped to this video after watching JJ's latest Reddit video??

  33. chug uzoeto

    chug uzoeto

    4 dagen geleden

    1100th comment

  34. Joker Brain

    Joker Brain

    5 dagen geleden

    Holiday sounds like a soft pop Jamaican boy band song...

  35. Grétar Haraldsson

    Grétar Haraldsson

    5 dagen geleden


  36. Barak Efraim

    Barak Efraim

    5 dagen geleden

    how ksi blows out a candle: platinum

  37. Raja ghazanfar Mehmood

    Raja ghazanfar Mehmood

    5 dagen geleden

    But u like ur gfuel

  38. Raja ghazanfar Mehmood

    Raja ghazanfar Mehmood

    5 dagen geleden

    But u like ur gfuel

  39. Nani ?!

    Nani ?!

    6 dagen geleden

    Holiday is amazing.

  40. Hawkk


    6 dagen geleden

    Should do that intro more often 😏

  41. Sparky 24

    Sparky 24

    6 dagen geleden

    whatever anyone says Holiday is a banger

  42. Shivanshu Rana

    Shivanshu Rana

    6 dagen geleden

    Holiday?????? Ohhh you mean vacation...

  43. Random Videos

    Random Videos

    6 dagen geleden

    holiday is suchhh a vibee 🙇🏾‍♀️🙇🏾‍♀️💕

  44. Fo0D


    6 dagen geleden

    Pornhub Xvideos Xnxx Xhamster Xtube Thumbzilla Redtube You porn Punishtube From memory

    • Kx,peep


      6 dagen geleden

      I thought i'm only one who knows Xhamster😂

  45. LinksCourage


    7 dagen geleden

    My fav dvids of him are the try not to laugh

  46. AK Harrison

    AK Harrison

    7 dagen geleden

    "Tell me your an overthinker without telling me your an overthinker" 5:01

  47. Kelita Box

    Kelita Box

    7 dagen geleden

    0:00 ayo simon whatchu doin?

  48. Andres Rufino

    Andres Rufino

    7 dagen geleden

    MAN RLLY SAID BOUNCY CASTLE INSTEAD OF THE “smaller”😉 alternative a trampoline We all know why he said bouncy castle

  49. Caulkinsmoilgin


    7 dagen geleden

    I was thinking diy as well

  50. The Crimson guy ..

    The Crimson guy ..

    7 dagen geleden

    Bo'le o wa'er

  51. Daz The Looney

    Daz The Looney

    7 dagen geleden

    Damn you having 5 babies 😅🤣

  52. KawsMoLuvsU


    7 dagen geleden

    this and really love are my favorite songs rn

  53. ǝoᗡ uɥoᒋ

    ǝoᗡ uɥoᒋ

    7 dagen geleden

    If I was with her in a room for 24 hours, i'd be trying to escape.

    • Joy Venema

      Joy Venema

      3 dagen geleden

      She’d be spotting my workout

    • Dre Flacko

      Dre Flacko

      5 dagen geleden


  54. Justin Henry

    Justin Henry

    7 dagen geleden

    Damn. Thats my comment

  55. Kavishkar gaming yt

    Kavishkar gaming yt

    7 dagen geleden

    Pls react to darman

  56. Shawn Just Shawn

    Shawn Just Shawn

    8 dagen geleden

    14:25 Is it me or does that sound like a person from the 1970’s

  57. xXcommanderXx


    8 dagen geleden

    9:53 had me dying lol

  58. Max 2099

    Max 2099

    8 dagen geleden

    I can’t tell enough how fucking much i miss the old youtube when ksi was really a fucking legend of laughters

  59. zwebackshyper


    8 dagen geleden

    lmao brits y'all gotta realize no one understands your cringey accent we make fun of it all the time

  60. GameZedd


    8 dagen geleden

    Whos the girl at 2:55 lmao 😂

  61. E_celly


    8 dagen geleden

    My guy said break up with her🤣💪🏻

  62. anonymous


    8 dagen geleden

    I don't even like Banana 5 secs later- dayum my throat

  63. Jesse Shepard

    Jesse Shepard

    8 dagen geleden

    Baylen levine lmao

  64. FSM Gaming

    FSM Gaming

    9 dagen geleden

    2:15 mans got sent to a new dimension

  65. Christian Gamboa

    Christian Gamboa

    9 dagen geleden

    As a Walmart employee, I can honestly say I would laugh if I had to do that 🤣

  66. Detoxify


    9 dagen geleden

    My boy Baylennnnn

  67. 頹橱ѕєиραι


    9 dagen geleden

    How can you not like Bananas?!

  68. Naldi Renald

    Naldi Renald

    9 dagen geleden


  69. fan lubasi

    fan lubasi

    9 dagen geleden

    Try not to laugh 3sec hahaha

  70. OJAngel


    9 dagen geleden

    The last one was just hillarious xdd

  71. Hydra


    9 dagen geleden

    KSI drops the best songs ♥️

  72. andreaś _-

    andreaś _-

    9 dagen geleden

    that's gay -Im dontai

  73. Ced Ed

    Ced Ed

    9 dagen geleden

    The exultant married thessaly load because pakistan endosonographically attend midst a raspy juice. belligerent, daffy difference

  74. MrFookayu


    10 dagen geleden

    How not to simp 😂👏

  75. Unknown Will

    Unknown Will

    10 dagen geleden

    JJ just looks like he is on drugs in the first part of his song

  76. Bossy Queen

    Bossy Queen

    10 dagen geleden

    Tbh, it's impossible to hate the song "Holidays" ITS DIFFICULT NOT TO DANCE OR BOB YOUR HEAD. THE MUSIC GETS ME EVERYTIME

  77. Michael Blackson

    Michael Blackson

    10 dagen geleden

    I just can’t have watch his videos and have his music in my album (no matter how good it is) 🤣🤣

  78. Hamza Rasul

    Hamza Rasul

    10 dagen geleden

    This video actually made me die

  79. Peter Rast

    Peter Rast

    10 dagen geleden

    It's never the videos that make me laugh, it's always him laughing

  80. Gunner Grandstaff

    Gunner Grandstaff

    10 dagen geleden

    "Or make it" JJ glances at us for a second. hmm... mad suspicious

  81. AudrinaLikesPeni MW

    AudrinaLikesPeni MW

    11 dagen geleden

    Bo2 lmao

  82. Griffin Martinez

    Griffin Martinez

    11 dagen geleden

    He couldn’t get any sponsorships so he made his own

  83. lol :D the guy

    lol :D the guy

    11 dagen geleden

    nlid.info/cloud/hJpsgIWqX3GJs7k/video.html ...

  84. Lewis Musk

    Lewis Musk

    11 dagen geleden

    fucking amazing so g😭

  85. TizadBTW


    11 dagen geleden

    Ayo wtf the intro

  86. Ainsley Tulloch

    Ainsley Tulloch

    11 dagen geleden

    Look closely at His chat it said “ksi”

  87. Lasse Antonsen

    Lasse Antonsen

    11 dagen geleden

    Love your try not to laughs!

  88. Pratham Ambigar

    Pratham Ambigar

    11 dagen geleden

    XD 😂😂😂😂



    11 dagen geleden

    The song is 🔥

  90. gianluca roccisano

    gianluca roccisano

    11 dagen geleden


    • gianluca roccisano

      gianluca roccisano

      10 dagen geleden

      @Mattia Figini yessirrrr

    • Mattia Figini

      Mattia Figini

      11 dagen geleden


  91. nathaniel young

    nathaniel young

    11 dagen geleden

    in the great word of dontai that gay

  92. Tdog1327


    12 dagen geleden

    1:42 well we love them :)

  93. skuse


    12 dagen geleden

    JJ: "i dont like bananas" Simon: 🤨

  94. NL Sway

    NL Sway

    12 dagen geleden

    Best song ever my new favorite

  95. Cgl_Aspect


    12 dagen geleden


  96. Roman Fox

    Roman Fox

    12 dagen geleden

    6:39 Unknown P and Big Shaq??

  97. Afrah Gapor

    Afrah Gapor

    12 dagen geleden

    It’s CHEWSDAY innit😂